Data Center and Enterprise Solutions

Data Center and Enterprise Solutions

With ever-increasing Data Center (DC) size and complexity, DC managers and IT professionals require the right equipment to meet their specific needs, as well as remote management solutions that enable them to quickly and effectively access servers, network devices, and other mission-critical devices.
OnLine Netsys comprehensive and reliable Technology- Data Center and Enterprise Solutions will help you to tackle all your DC and IT challenges. Whether you need a new DC set up, a new server room and workplace area set up or want to upgrade your existing DC, your existing server room and workplace area, we have reliable solutions for you. We also ensure that you have the tools, resources, and support to empower you with a future-ready, reliable, secure and cost-effective Data Center network.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

DCIM software is a new class of software that gives Data Center operators the ability to run efficient DC operations and improve Data Center infrastructure planning and design. It typically replaces Excel, Visio, and home-grown databases. DCIM software can bridge information across organizational domains – Data Center Ops, Facilities, and IT to maximize utilization of the Data Center.
  • Improve Uptime
  • Improve Capacity Planning and Utilization
  • Increase Data Center Energy Efficiency
  • Improve People Productivity

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