Console Management

Out-Of-Band Management Solution with Scalability and Flexibility for Data Centers

Our OOBM Solution, ensures that on-site infrastructure is accessible, even during system or network outages and provide secure access and management for servers and network devices.
In-band and OOBM solutions for IT equipment in data centers, co-locations, remote sites, branch offices and R&D labs, providing an alternative path to network devices when the primary network is down.

  • Out-of-Band console manager that consolidates the hardware and software needed to control, monitor and manage networking and IT infrastructure.
  • It can manage any IT asset by connecting the asset's console port (Serial or USB) to the RS232 Serial or USB I/O module ports.
  • This can be configured from 8 ports up to 48 ports and allows for a mix of Serial and USB modules for flexibility. modular console server offering both RJ45 and USB connectivity with user swappable I/O modules allowing for easy upgrades and scalability
  • Console Server enables Network and IT Administrators to interact via the Command Line Interface (CLI) or Web User Interface (UI), making it easy to perform everyday tasks like (re)configuring, uploading firmware or rebooting.
  • For network outages, failures or malicious attacks (DDoS), It enables remote out-of-band access to your network via Ethernet, Cellular (3.5 G and 4G LTE) and dial up.
  • Connect remotely to your assets via client-less web browser and HTML5 technology.
  • Console Server provides security features such as SSL and SSH for data encryption in addition to remote authentication, via TACACS+, Active Directory, LDAP, Kerberos or RADIUS.
  • Provides a secure & centralized cloud-based management platform that enables automated monitoring of console managers and connected devices.

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