KVMs, Extenders and LCD Consoles

KVM Switches

KVM is a device that allows one to quickly and easily switch between multiple PCs or servers from a single console (keyboard, monitor, mouse setup) for greater efficiency, management, and both cost and space saving.
A KVM allow you to perform functions such as rebooting the computers providing BIOS level access of a computer on reboot to make adjustments as needed.

Rack Mountable Drawers

LCD KVM drawer is designed to provide all 3 devices (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) as a single 1U rack mount unit. Available in various screen sizes.

KVM Extenders

These are used to extend the distance between a keyboard, monitor and mouse (KVM station) and a computer. 
Types of KVM Extenders
  • CATx KVM Extender
  • Fiber Optics KVM Extender
  • IP KVM Extender

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