Copper Systems

Structured Cabling – Copper

Copper cabling systems are predominantly used to support LAN’s. Twisted pair copper cables are offered in various flame ratings, shieldings and constructions for both indoor and outdoor use.
We offer a suite of innovative copper products that supports ever-emerging IP applications. 
  • Cat 5e/6/6A Unshielded and Shielded twisted pair cabling
  • Indoor and Outdoor environment 
  • CM, CMP, CMR, LSZH copper cables
  • Colour options available 


Connectors can be distinguished according to their physical appearance and mating properties, such as jacks and plugs (male connectors) or sockets and ports (female connectors). 
Connectors are available in various performance levels for UTP and shielded applications.
Input/Output Modules 
  • Cat 5e/6/6A performance level module
  • Color options available


Field Term Plug
Toolless and easy to terminate on the field. Its unique design and smaller footprint allows it to easily fit into tight port spaces or high-density port configurations.
  • Cat 5e/6/6A performance level module


Patch Panel

It helps manage large numbers of network ports in the Rack. It can be used for fiber optic and copper cables.
  • 1U and 2U
  • 24 to 48 ports
  • Flat and Angled
  • Cat 5e/6/6A performance level
  • Modular and Populated

Patch Cords

We offer wide range of patch cords which are available in a variety of performance levels, colours and lengths.
  • Cat 5e/6/6A performance level
  • Colour options available
  • Dual rated (CM/LSZH), CM, LSZH, Plenum, Riser
  • 23 AWG, 24 AWG, 26 AWG and 28 AWG


We offer single, dual and quad port vertical and slopped faceplates.
  • Multiple port and colour 
  • Shuttered and Non-Shuttered 
  • Vertical and Slopped 
  • With or without labels 

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